Funding the Development of Personalized Cancer Treatments through Precision Medicine initiatives

The Bungalow Foundation, is a Public Charity that funds biomedical Precision Medicine Initiatives by way of grants to doctors and clinical research fellows working with academic, medical or research institutions. We are also in the process of modifying our charter to include assisting patients and families currently involved in a Precision Medicine initiative.


It is our intention

to assist these families financially and to help fund the research in finding a cure and developing treatments for different cancers by focusing on their genetic mutations to treat the cancer based on its mutation rather than its location in the body. Basket Trials as they are called are trials that treat the cancer based on the cancer's mutation discovered through Genomic sequencing. 

Immunotherapy is another component of Precision Medicine where a patient’s own T-cells are engineered to target their cancer. 


Through targeted identification of tumor bio-markers, genetic profiling and molecular characterization; vaccines, drug therapies and other cutting-edge scientific discoveries may lead to new treatments and eventually a cure.  



Its all about the science 

Science is changing through collaboration, innovation and by applying the findings from basic science discoveries to enhance our health, well-being and longevity. 

It's the nature of the beast to find ways to circumvent and eventually outsmart the drugs that are designed to kill them. The Bungalow supports research of treatments of “personalized medicine” that are tailored to the biology of the tumor that will outsmart the beast. 

Its also about educating the public

There needs to be a commitment from the scientific, medical and patient communities to work together in order for precision medicine to give everyone “The Best Chance at Good Health”