Precision Medicine initiatives

The Bungalow Foundation a 501(c)(3) Public Charity is an advocate of biomedical Precision Medicine Initiatives. 

Our “Blue Angel” campaign assists patients currently involved in a Precision Medicine clinical trial.Our mission is to help these patients by assisting them financially and through support with the basic needs of transportation, lodging, co-pay, child care, home care, wigs, meal delivery, nutritional supplements, medical devices, eyeglasses, dental, utilities, scholarships and more.” Says Mr. Anselmo. Benefits are available to patients currently enrolled in a Precision Medicine clinical trial. The Bungalow has partnered with several hospitals and cancer centers to assist in identifying these patients in support of the campaign.


Finding cures and developing treatments

for different cancers has been going on for years. Precision Medicine Initiatives focuses on the genetic mutation of the cancer cell rather than the cancer’s location in the body. Basket Trials as they are called are trials that treat the cancer based on the cancer's mutation discovered through Genomic sequencing. 

Immunotherapy is another component of Precision Medicine where a patient’s own T-cells are engineered to target their cancer. 

Through targeted identification of tumor bio-markers, genetic profiling and molecular characterization; vaccines, drug therapies and other cutting-edge scientific discoveries are leading to new treatments and hopefully one day, a cure.   


Its all about the science 

Science is changing through collaboration, innovation and by applying the findings from basic science discoveries to enhance our health, well-being and longevity. 

It's the nature of the beast to find ways to circumvent and eventually outsmart the drugs that are designed to kill them. 

Too many doctors and scientists who work at institutions in biomedical Precision Medicine initiatives are at risk of losing their funding due to federal and budget cut backs. I believe, if there were more Precision Medicine clinical trials available, more lives will be saved, and more federal funding might open up. I also know firsthand that most people are not in a position to do the research, some doctors may not know about the research and or the treatment might not be available in their area. If more clinical trials were known to cancer patients and if there were more avenues of financial assistance available, then more patients would participate.  

The Bungalow’s “Blue Angel” campaign supports and assists these brave patients with their ancillary costs. If researchers see the need to expand their participation numbers in their clinical trials then the success numbers might be higher. If the success numbers of clinical trials are higher, the FDA could fast track more drugs to approval and that could save more lives. 

Its also about educating the public

There needs to be a commitment from the scientific, medical and patient communities to work together in order for precision medicine to give everyone “The Best Chance at Good Health”