Advocate for Precision Medicine

Research not only improves the quality of life for millions of cancer patients throughout the world, but its increasing the overall survival rate. The number of new U.S. cancer cases is predicted to rise to 1.7 Million people in 2015; sadly 580,000 will die.

The economic burden of cancer care in 2010 was $290 Billion and in just 15 years is expected to rise to $458 Billion per year. The return on investment in Medical research dollars is twofold. In 2012 the NIH (National Institute of Health) invested $30 Billion in medical research for the America people. This funded research supported an estimated 402,000 jobs with a local economic impact of a $2.21 return for every dollar invested.

Call on your Representatives and Senators to pass Congressional support for Lifesaving Biomedical Research by raising the cap on funding precision medicine initiatives.

Hundreds of medical research organizations representing millions of Americans from across the country rally each year in Washington DC for Congress to increase federal funding for medical research. It should be the concern and responsibility of every citizen to support these advances in medical research that will improve health and save lives.


Find out who your district Congressional and Senatorial representatives are  and ask them to support robust, sustainable and predictable funding increases for biomedical research in this and every year going forward. 

Click this link to find your representatives.